Roof Edging

Using heavy gauge drip  edge or gravel stop (0.032″ and thicker) on the perimeter of the roof can save a lot of head aches and future maintenance visits due to wind damage.

We can fabricate various size and type edge metal to satisfy all architectural needs of any project.

We can also make various drip edge / gravel stop / fascia combinations.

Please click on the links below to get detailed information on each individual system of roof edging. You will also find technical data sheets that you can submit to the owners, order forms and other valuable information corresponding to each specific system.


Basic Gravel Stop LogoBasic Gravel Stop
This is the most common type of gravel stop. It is easy to install even on bulky uneven wood blocking. Gravel stop is locked onto continuous cleat and then fastened to the roof. Roof flange is then stripped in with appropriate roofing material.
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You can see some pictures of fabricated edge trim in the Gallery section of our website.