• copper gutter

    Pole gutter made in 10 feet sections from 20 oz copper.
  • counter flashing

    Different types of aluminum counter flashing and roof edging.

 Sheet Metal Fabrication in Eastern Pennsylvania.

What Do We Make?


Sheet metal fabrication detail. Logo of standing seam roofing panel.

Standing Seam Roofing Systems

We fabricate standing seam roof panels. We can also  manufacture all flashings  required for proper assembly.

Sheet metal fabrication detail. The image shows logo of parapet wall metal coping.

Metal Coping Systems

We can make various metal coping systems according to project’s specifications.

Sheet metal fabrication detail. The image shows logo of gravel stop or drip edge.

Drip Edge and Gravel Stop

We are capable of sheet metal fabrication of all possible drip edge & gravel stop designs approved by SMACNA.

Sheet metal fabrication detail. The image shows logo of box gutter.

Gutters and Downspouts

We can make custom sized box gutters and downspouts.

Sheet metal fabrication detail. Logo of through wall flashing page.

Through Wall Flashing

We fabricate through wall flashing. It is used by masonry, stucco, siding and other trades.

Sheet metal fabrication detail. The image shows logo of decorative metal cornice.

Custom Cornices

We can create decorative metal cornices. Various shapes to match any given requirement can be made.

Sheet metal fabrication detail. The image shows logo of reglet flashing or counter flashing.

Counter Flashing

We can produce counter flashing. Different shapes and forms can be constructed.

Sheet metal fabrication detail. The image shows logo of j channel trim.

J-channels and other trim

We form J-channels, L and Z-trims. Flashing of various sizes and shapes can be created.

Sheet metal fabrication detail. The image shows logo of scupper and conductor head.

Scuppers and Conductor Heads

We can make roof scuppers and conductor heads. Project specific sizes and designs can be made.

How Do We Make it?

  • We accomplish all sheet metal fabrication in our own facility.

    All fabricating as well as engineering is done within the company.

  • Our equipment includes industry leading CNC folder.

    It has state of the art touch screen controller. This allows manufacturing of accurate details in shortest production times.

  • We own computer controlled roll former.

    It can efficiently run continuous standing seam roofing panels. They can be formed from heavy gauge aluminum or steel coils either in the warehouse or on the job site. Sheet metal fabrication on the job

  • We have the latest CNC router.

    The sophisticated machine is setup for precise material cutting. It can work with prefinished metal sheets without damaging the paint. It can also be used working with aluminum composite panels.

  • We are constantly growing.

    Our warehouse is equipped with various industry specific tools and devices and the list of equipment constantly grows.

Where Do We Make it?

We are located in Bensalem, PA. We are only 20 minutes north of Philadelphia.

Why Do the Customers Turn to Us for Sheet Metal Fabrication?

  • Competitive pricing.

    We provide fast, accurate quotes. We stand by our price and avoid hidden fees.

  • Short lead times.

    Our customers are confident that ordered parts will be fabricated according to approved schedule.

  • Customer service.

    Our managers are always glad to assist with valuable advice and information. They will help with submittal packages, provide free samples and assist with building mock ups. They are always available to answer all questions about the products and are willing to share their knowledge.

  • Experience and expertise.

    Our project managers and shop personnel have all worked in field. They know the best practices of not only sheet metal fabrication but also installation of finished parts. While it seems that sheet metal fabrication can be an easy and straight forward process, in fact it is not. We make sure that the products we manufacture are easy to install and will serve their purpose in best possible way.

  • Business network.

    Our customers benefit from our relationships with major metal manufacturers and suppliers such as Englert Inc., Drexel Metals, ATAS  International Inc. As a member of Metal Roofing Alliance we always stay on top of all updates and innovations in the industry.