Basic Gravel Stop

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Product Features

  • Continuous cleat of gravel stop is fastened into the face along the wall
  • Gravel stop cap is locked onto the cleat and then fastened into the roof
  • Roof flange of gravel stop is stripped in with appropriate roofing material
  • Gravel stop and cleat are formed in 10 ft. sections and joined to allow for longitudinal expansion and contraction
  • Individual gravel stop sections are joined with 6 in. back-up plates
  • Installation of this gravel stop is very straightforward and the design allows for easy in field customization and adjustments
  • This type of gravel stop is more resistant to oil canning caused by uneven (wavy, bulky…) wood blocking
  • Wide variety of colors and material thicknesses is available with short lead times
  • Gravel stop of practically any face width  can be fabricated


  • 27 Kynar 500 colors from Englert Color Chart are stocked in 0.032″, 0.040″, 0.050″ Aluminum, 22 & 24 GA Steel
  • Mill finish products can be fabricated in various metal thicknesses
  • Stainless Steel, Copper and Zink are available with short lead times
  • BM Continuous Anchor Coping can also be fabricated from flat stock purchased off any available sheet metal manufacturer on the market (Drexel Metals, ATAS, PAC-CLAD, Firestone, etc.)


  • 35 year color warranty when fabricated from Englert flat stock
  • Lifetime Total System warranty is available on commercial projects


Product Data.pdfBasic Gravel Stop Data Sheet
Shop Drawing.pdfBasic Gravel Stop Shop Drawing